Sunday, December 23, 2012

Waking the Reindeer Party

After church we headed to Mimi and Pop's house for our waking the reindeer brunch.
Mimi made these cute reindeer donuts.

The boys all got Crayola light design sets.

Happy boy.
They can draw and then the picture comes to life, it's so neat.
Sawyer and Mimi.
We had a yummy breakfast.  Mimi had Santa mugs for the boys to use.  She always makes things so special for the boys.
They were all so excited.
We were so happy to have Uncle Joe home with us.
Daddy and Baylor.
Such a happy boy.
Pop read the letter from Santa and reminded us which reindeer we would be waking.
Then we all got ready.
We had our bells.
Mimi and Baylor.
Baylor was us first waking Dasher.

Looking good Uncle Joe.
Pop has made this a fun family tradition.
Then we did a little outside bell ringing in case they couldn't hear us from inside.
I'm pretty sure the reindeer are awake and ready to fly to our house on Christmas Eve.

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