Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we went to church at 3:00 and had a wonderful service.  Then we headed to Mimi and Pop's house for dinner.  I love my parent's house at Christmas.  It's so festive and they make everything so special for everyone who enters their home.
Mimi and Pop with Sawyer.
Parker loves looking at the North Pole village.  Mimi has so many breakable things but the boys all do great at her house.  She has never had to put anything away or up and they do great.  They are active busy boys but enjoy special things too.

He found Santa.
Mimi had a tasty spread for dinner.
They love Uncle Joe.
Santa left one present on the porch for all of the kids.
Mama and Carol.

Mama, Brenda, Grandpa, Papa, Jerry, and Carol.
Getting food.
Since Sweetie's mom and sister are in India for a month she came with her dad for Christmas Eve and brought her friend Anari.
Sweetie and Mom.
Sawyer was worn out.
Drake and Andy.

Katie and Adam sang White Christmas.
Talking about favorite Christmas memories, Papa was getting choked up.
Mecwan sang a song in his language.  
We ended the night with Silent Night in German.  I always love Christmas Eve and enjoy singing carols and spending time together.  It was a sweet night together.

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