Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Happy 5 Months Sawyer

Sawyer Joseph today you are 5 months old!  Time is going by so quickly and you are growing so fast.  I love having a baby and you are such a happy little guy to have around.  You smile from the moment you wake up.  You truly are a ray of sunshine.  One of your nicknames is Mr. Sunshine because you are always smiling!
You laugh and coo and are so easy going.  You love to talk and play with your toys.  You love watching your brothers and Baxter.  You love when I sing to you too.  When you hear my voice you smile right away. You love to bounce in your bouncer and still can only roll from your back to your tummy.
You got two teeth this month.  They both popped through on the bottom at the same time two days after Christmas.  I knew they were coming because you have been drooling like crazy and still are.  It's been a little rough for you since you are a thumb sucker, trust me they are sharp!  You get mad when you are sucking your thumb and those sharp little teeth get in the way.  You may end up liking a deedee soon.  I love your blue eyes!
You are wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 6-9 or 9 months in clothes.  You sleep with a sleep sack and are always happy with it on.  I think you know it's time for bed when you get all cozy inside.  Once again your teeth kind of messed up your sleeping schedule but generally you do pretty good.  You seem to consistently wake up around 3:00 am and then go back to sleep.  While we were on Christmas break you slept in until 10:00 or 11:00 am.  That was awesome!
You have started eating cereal and have had applesauce, bananas, and squash.  You love the cereal and eat it great.  The bananas are your favorite food so far.
 You have the sweetest cheeks.  I love to hold you when you are sleeping and soak it all in.  I know for sure you are my last baby and I am treasuring all of the cuddle time and special moments with you.  I know how fast it goes and I don't want to waste a moment with you.
 You bring us all so much joy!

The baby scale is getting harder to weigh you on but I think you are around 19-20 pounds.  I know you are growing because some of your jammies and onesies are too snug!

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Emily said...

He is such a cute little guy, Jessie!! :-) This post made me tear up... Time goes by so quickly, and these are such precious moments! I'm glad you are enjoying time with your sweet baby and trying to soak it all in.