Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This morning we had Mops and then we headed to the Eitljorg with Jen and her kids and Mimi.
The kids all have a great time together and once again we were the only ones there!
With all the sickness that seems to be going around I prefer to play alone!  Somehow, we have all managed to stay healthy all winter.  I even hate to say that!
Ethan says Parker is his best friend.  How sweet!  Parker loves playing with Ethan too.

Building the wall.
Playing music.
Calling Daddy.

Tea time, my boys are crazy about Miss Gabrielle.  I'm sure she wishes they would just leave her alone sometimes.  They can't get enough of her!
Eating lunch.  Parker's hair was sweaty from playing so hard.
Coop wanted to sit right by G and help her eat.  He loves babies especially girl babies.

Then it was back to play a little bit more before we left for naps.  
The one thing about still pictures is you can't hear what's going on.  Trust me when I say Parker is being loud in every picture.  We are working on using a soft voice and not yelling every word but man is it a struggle.  It's like he only knows how to be loud, could be the cause of my continual headaches!
Coop is such an easy guy to take along.
We wore Sawyer out!
We had fun playing with Ethan and Gabrielle and enjoyed our time at the museum.

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