Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beach Day: Parker Style

Since Daddy was gone all week Mimi and Pop helped me out once again.  Coop spent the night with them on Wednesday night and stayed the day with Mimi on Thursday.  That left me with the littlest two at home.  I asked Parker what he wanted to do in the mroning and he went big and said I want to go to the beach.  Of course I said me too buddy, but we decided to pretend and have a beach day at home.
Parker was so excited.  He put on his swimming trunks, swim shirt, goggles, swimming vest, and got his beach towel.  We put the towel in my office and laid out in the sunshine.  We also read some ocean books.
He thought it was so great.
Catching some rays.
Then he went swimming in the kitchen.  He had the best time.  He wanted me to swim too, but I told him I could stand and swim:).
He said he could swim fast.
How cute is he?
He thought it was so fun.
After swimming we did some crafts too.  He loves cutting and using the glue stick.
We also played beach games.  We played Gator Golf.  He was pretty good!

Trying to get a hold in one!
Then we played Chutes and Ladders.  He kind of likes to make up his own rules.  Since he was playing without his brothers I let him do his own thing.  He was fun to play with.
We also played Lucky Ducks.  He loves this game.  It was a fun beach day at home with my favorite 3 year old.  I was thankful to be able to spend time focusing on him.  Sweet Sawyer was such a good baby and enjoyed our day at home too.  It's amazing how easy it is with only two kids:)!

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