Sunday, January 13, 2013

Brick Expo

After Baylor's game on Saturday we headed to Dragon Palace for a yummy lunch and then went to the Hancock County Fairgrounds to the Brick Expo.
The big boys are really into legos and building right now so we knew they would enjoy this event.
The huge lego displays were awesome.
Sawyer loved it too!
Each person got a chip when they entered and then voted for their favorite display.  Coop picked Lucas Oil Stadium.  
It was awesome.
Parker liked looking at the displays too.
So neat.
The pirates were so cool.
These lego pieced were motorized and played chess on their own.
He decideed to snooze during the chess game.

Parker voted for the red alien exhibit.
Fun day with my boys.

In the evening the boys couldn't wait to get building with their Legos.

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