Saturday, February 23, 2013

Huskies vs. Hoosiers

 Upward basketball is coming to an end.  This was our second to the last game and Baylor was excited.  We were playing the Hoosiers.  One of his best friends in his class is on this team and they talked about the game all week.  I think it was more about who was going to win:).
 They were all ready to play!
 Baylor had a great game!  He scored 28 points and had 22 rebounds.
 Go Baylor!
 It was fun to watch.
 The Huskies kept the lead the whole game but it was close at times.
 The Huskies won 48 to 40.
 Only 1 week left and then it's on to basketball season.
 Baylor has loved basketball and now wants to play at home all the time and watch it on T.V.
 I really enjoy watching him play.
 So fun.
 Great Job Huskies.

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