Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine Party at Mimi and Pop's House

After church Mimi and Pop hosted a Valentine party at their house for our family.  I love Mimi's table, so pretty.

 The boys are crazy about Mimi!
 She made her delicious angel food cake!
 Daddy and Saw.
 We had Kopper Kettle for lunch.  It was so delicious.
Before we ate we went around and sat who are sweethearts were, Coop said Baylor, Baylor said Daddy, and Park said Mommy.  So cute!
 He loves chicken legs.
 Half of the table.
 The other half.
 Then it was game time.  Cupid hid gold coins all around Mimi's house and the boys had to find them.
 Then they had to toss the ball through the heart.

 This was a fun game.
 Then we played Valentine Jingo.  The boys loved the prize table!

 He did great!
 Present time.
So thankful for Mom!
 We had a great time!
I love him!

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