Monday, February 4, 2013

Bax's Vet Visit

Baxter had his yearly vet appointment for shots and a checkup.  Cooper was at preschool and these two cuties went with me to take Bax.  They dressed in their cute dog sweaters for the big event.
It was quite the ordeal getting the double stroller in the door with the dog.  Once we got into the office Bax went nuts around all the other dogs and I basically had to keep him between my legs and hold on to the stroller.  I was sweating by the time our name was called!
The Ipad kept park occupied and in the stroller the whole time.  I was so thankful.
Baxter had a great appointment and everything went well.  Thankfully we love our vet and his nurse helped me back out to the car.  I will say this is probably the last time I will be taking Bax with two kids by myself!  I was exhausted!!!!

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