Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cooper's Preschool Valentine's Party

I was in charge of Cooper's Valentine party for preschool.  This was his last preschool party because we are leaving a day early for Spring Break and he will miss his Easter party.  So sad!  He was working on his letter of the week page.  He's really good at printing.
To start the party the kids made a Valentine heart and decorated his with foam stickers.
Love this boy!
Working hard.
I love him so!
Great work Coop!
Then it was game time.  I had three games for the kids to play.
They played with the parachute and had valentine cuddlies in the middle.
Then they had to throw red shaker eggs through a valentine wreath.
Having fun.
The parachute was a huge hit.

They also had to throw red beanie babies into valentine buckets.

The kids all passed out valentines to their friends.
Sweet brothers.
Then it was snack time.  Cupcakes, apples, and juice.
A little music time.
The cupcakes were delicious!
Parker had a little party in his class too.

Cute to see Park and Ethan holding hands and doing music together.
Sweet boys.
What a fun party at preschool!

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