Monday, May 23, 2011

Zoo Day

The boys were so happy the splash park was open. I was happy I remembered to bring suits and towels.
There were hardly any kids there so they had the whole area to themselves.

Park enjoyed a Popsicle and goldfish while the brothers played.

When the boys knew Uncle Joe was coming home they both said they wanted to go with him to the zoo again this year. We went with him last year and they had so much fun.

The water was a little cold but they didn't seem to mind.

What a great day.

There's been lots of hype about the new warthog exhibit but I must say it's small. They really are ugly animals.

We all liked the elephants.

They are huge.

We need to work on animals with Park. He called them all "dogs". It's one of his favorite words. Here he is calling the cheetah a dog.

They love to race the cheetahs.

They both raced twice and did great.

We always stay at the monkeys for a long time. There is a sweet baby that was born on Feb. 16. He is adorable and so fun to watch.

He was busy waving to all of the animals.

The rhinos were so close.

Sticking his neck out.

We all love spending time with Joe Joe.

I love this little guy.

The penguins were so active.

Coop did great touching the sharks. There were several pups in there which were fun to watch.

The boys wanted to start the day in the butterfly gardens. We were busy looking for butterflies because there are usually tons, but we were disappointed to find out it wasn't in the budget for the year to have any butterflies. It made it a little bit of a letdown. The gardens are pretty but oh so much fun when filled with colorful butterflies.

Coop was happy about the big fish in the pond.

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