Monday, May 2, 2011


The boys were so excited to wear their Reds shirts that I bought over the weekend in Ohio.

He did so good at the dentist and went back all by himself like a big boy. One of the other hygienist took these for me while I was getting my teeth cleaned. All three of us got our teeth cleaned at the same time which helps so much!
Poor Cooper had six cavities and one was really bad. He went six months ago and had not a sign of a cavity. They think his acid reflux was the main cause of all the decay. He also loves orange juice which we have to cut back on.

I was so nervous about what we needed to do about his teeth but he was so brave! Dr. Ebeyer referred us to a pediatric dentist and we made an appointment for Tuesday for a consult and more xrays.

Baylor was a model patient, such a big boy.

His six year molars are all in and we have to go back to get them sealed. He had one small cavity in between two teeth so we made his appointment for Thursday to seal and fix that small cavity.

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