Friday, May 20, 2011

Conner Prairie Fun

We spent lots of time in the barn. There were new baby goats, baby sheep, and a new calf. We didn't have a class today but it was lovely outside and we wanted to spend time outside. It was a perfect day for Conner Prairie.
The boys fed the goats leaves for the longest time.

We always have fun here and it is a great place for little boys to explore, play, and learn.

There is also lots of room to run and play and burn off some energy.

He has mastered his cheese face.

Look mom I'm touching a goat.

Go Cowboy.

There was a baseball game outside of the school house that Baylor couldn't wait to be a part of. He was so excited and we couldn't pull him away.

Coop even got to hit.

The little brothers went to look at the horses while Baylor kept playing baseball.

Parker loved getting out.

Civil War days was this weekend at Conner Prairie so participants were setting up all over for the event. This was the Union headquarters and we looked inside their set up. What fun.

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