Friday, May 6, 2011

Random Pictures from this Week

Today we stayed at home and played outside. It was a rainy morning but then the clouds broke and it was sunny! I felt like singing "Here Comes the Sun". I will say I am loving how green everything is outside. This is Baylor inside of his lean to that he built out of sticks.
This lawn mower has been a favorite of all the boys. He will pull it all around the yard. Look at that smile.

On Thursday Tom got home early from the airport and we had time to play outside before dinner and the program. He was happy to be outside.

Baylor and Daddy worked on baseball.

He's a good little hitter.

This picture looks so much like Baylor when he was little.

While Daddy was gone Parker and I played in his room at night while the big boys watched cartoons. We would text Daddy pictures so he wasn't too sad.

Trying out his new bike for the first time.

When I cleaned out the closets and put winter clothes away I was on hanger overload. I had them all in a box and Parker dumped them all over our room while I was folding laundry. He looks proud doesn't he?

On Monday night I made chicken and noodles and the boys loved them and ate great! I think they both had two helpings.

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d_freestone said...

GREAT photographs and videos, Jessie! You have some darling little guys! Happy Mother's Day to you and your momma!