Tuesday, May 10, 2011


He was happy to be outside.

Parker swiped Baylor's slush when he wasn't looking, Baylor was not too happy about sharing with him.

We all love to eat outside.

This boy does not like ketchup or your "normal" dipping sauces. He likes to dip his hot dog into his slush. YUMMY!

Since we have swimming all week we are taking earlier naps so that Cooper isn't crabby at lessons. We are enjoying warm weather this week, feels like summer, so we wanted to eat outside for lunch. We went with Mimi to DQ and had the whole outdoor area to ourselves. When I was little I was spend the summer with Mama while Mom worked and I would swim everyday and we would go to lunch. We used to go to DQ all of the time and we would both get Coney Dogs. I can't go there now without getting one and thinking of my fun summers with Mama. The warmer weather made our ice cream melt fast though and we went through a whole pack of wipes at lunch!

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