Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Swimming While We Can

 Our pool days are numbered, this I know.  I am still supposed to rest, but sometimes staying home with these two all day is not that most relaxing.  If we go to the pool they are contained and burn off lots of energy.
 We picked up Arby's and ate lunch outside at Mama's house.
 Then it was time to swim.
 They played Jake and the Neverland pirates again today.  I got to be Captain Hook and the crocodile.
 Love his smile.
 Pool days are great with this little fish.

 More underwater swimming.
 These two really play well together and enjoy each other's company.

 There were some great cannon balls today by Coop.  He likes me to judge his splash and give him a score.  
 Mama sat outside with us for a long time and we enjoyed her company.
Goggle boy!
 Oh how I wish we could swim year round.  It's such a treat.
 Up close!
Hopefully we will have one more pool day next week before Sawyer's arrival.  We have loved our days at the pool once again this year!

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