Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday at the Hospital

Our first night at the hospital went pretty well, but we didn't get much sleep.  We had nurses in and out of the room all night to check on me and our sweet little one.
We were greeted early in the morning by Dr. Anderson, one of the pediatricians in our practice.  She thought he looked great.  We had already scheduled our appointment with Dr. Greenfield for Tuesday next week.
Mimi was there early to visit and help us in the morning.
She got to have some cuddle time with our sweet boy.
Jamie came to visit too.
Jack was so sweet with the baby.  He picked out a little blanket or as his calls them a bubba for Sawyer.
Jen came on her lunch break.  I was excited to see her.
Pappaw meeting Sawyer for the first time.
Sawyer with Mammaw and Pappaw.

He was worn out.
Then it was time to meet the brothers.  The first time to see all four of our boys together.
The oldest brothers with the newest addition.

I ordered their shirts off of Etsy.  They saw biggest brother, bigger brother, big brother, and little brother.
I'm so lucky to have these four handsome boys!
Checking out baby Sawyer.
He went from the baby to the big brother.
So sweet.
Parker was so excited to see Sawyer.
Then it was Cooper's turn.  He is such a baby lover.
Sweet kisses.
Sawyer had presents at the hospital for his  big brother.  Baylor and Cooper got two new beyblades and Parker got a Spiderman figure and car.
The biggest brother.

Melt my heart.

Baylor didn't want to leave the hospital and wanted to stay the night with us.
Bigger brother, Cooper.
Thanks Sawyer for the presents.
Biggest Brother, Baylor.
Big brother, Parker.

Pop was able to get some cuddle time too.
Park is a huge Pop fan.  He loves to play with him.
The boys all made signs for Parker to hang on his door.
The littlest and final addition to our family.


Amy said...

Totally made me tear up looking at all those sweet pictures. PS- We love Dr. Anderson!

Diane Freestone said...

The big brothers are sooooo darling with Sawyer! Love their t-shirts!

Becky said...

Love it! I can't believe I haven't met this little guy yet! So cute! That last little pic looks like Coop! :)