Friday, August 3, 2012

InstaFriday: August 3

 1. Safety first while cooking in the kitchen.
2.  Daddy made breakfast for dinner and Park wore his helmet while he ate.  Eating can be dangerous!
3.  He said he was a cowboy in this hat.  He just woke up from his nap and only wanted to wear hit hat and slippers.
4.  Potty training fun!  He loves his Jake and Mickey "underwears".
 1. Three weeks and counting until Sawyer's arrival, unless he comes early.
2.  Sleepy dog while Tom and I watch the Olympics.
3.  On Saturday I got to meet Arden.  Jamie and I went and got yogurt afterwards, fun day.  Grant is so sweet!
4.  Love my new sign.
1. Coop's Ped. GI appt. went great.  So thankful for great doctors and a little boy who is growing and not throwing up anymore!!!!
2.  Beyblade fun with Daddy before bed.
3.  Cookie bouquet for Baylor's teacher.
4. My laundry helper.
5. Baylor and Mama.
6.  Coop and Mama.  Thankful for these days with her.
 1.  Our second grader.
2. First day, August 1.
3.  Giving me his second grade fingers.
4.  He picked out his shark backpack for this year.
1. Pals.  We got Bax this basket for his toys and I was on the couch and watched him pick up his toys and put them back.  He then got out a different toy to play with.
2.  A great first day.
3.  Parker is doing great with his underwear!  He gets a "starbor" or a starburst when he goes on the potty.  Coop thinks he should get one too since he is his light assistant.
4.  Second day of second grade.  He rode the bus for the first time.
5. Praying for him as he drives away.
6.  Day 3.  
7.  Quiet cartoon morning.
8.  A Taylor's cookie in the car.  He was covered in blue icing, but he enjoyed each bite.
9.  Sweet note from Baylor.  He is worried about me and thought he should stay home to help me with the littles.  I love him!
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