Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mama's Birthday

 Today was Mama's 85th birthday.  We were happy to celebrate her special day with her.  During the day she had a birthday luncheon with ladies from her church.  She had a sweet day.
At night Mimi had her family party at her house.  We had Kopper Kettle for dinner and several yummy desserts.
The birthday girl looked so pretty! 
 Eating outside together.  Tom had a meeting in Cleveland so he was late to the party and Cooper had baseball practice from 6-7.  Uncle Joe saved the day and took Coop to practice.  They both came home hot and sweaty and ready to eat.
 Miss Gabrielle is getting so big, she enjoyed some mashed potatoes.
 Park and Ethan had fun playing in the clubhouse.  They are going to be starting preschool in two weeks and will be in the same class.  I know they will have fun.
 Playing outside.
 Lots of little ones.
 They were busy playing while Mama opened all of her gifts.
 Singing to the birthday girl.  Coop wanted to be right by Mama.
 Such a big girl!
 Love her!
 Katie, Jen, and I with Mama.  For some reason my camera's flash has stopped working, so sad!  I do love this picture though.
Happy Birthday to my Mama!  I love you so!!!!

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The Gambrel Family said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful, sweet lady! You are blessed to have such a wonderful Mama and I'm sure she loved having you all there to celebrate her.