Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday with Sawyer

Saturday morning snuggle time with Daddy.
Ready for a new day.

I love this little gown with his name.  I ordered it from SheShe Made.  They have such adorable stuff.
Mimi came in the morning again to visit.  Then Pop and Mimi took the big boys to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid at the movies in the afternoon.
Tina came to visit Sawyer.
We took a nap.
Sandy and Lindsey sent these adorable cookies.  All of the boys names were on them.
Tony and Sawyer.
Tanya and Sawyer.
Flowers from Sawyer, not sure why they are upside down:).
These smelled fabulous.
More fun deliveries.
Katie and Adam came to meet Sawyer too.
Baylor and Mimi came back in the evening and brought us dinner.  Baylor was excited to "surprise" us with food from O'Charley's.
He was excited to sit with Daddy.
He loves holding Sawyer.

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