Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekend of Rest

After my doctor's appointment on Thursday afternoon I was put on "couch" rest because of high blood pressure.  My feet were swollen too which always seems to happen around this point in pregnancy.  I spent Friday and Saturday in the chair with my feet propped up.  Mimi and Daddy were busy with the boys!  
 We had planned to go out for dinner with Jamie and Austin on Saturday night and since I was good during the day we still went.  We went to a movie first and then ate dinner at the Capital Grille.
 Devour Downtown was going on and they had a great menu option for the special event.
 We all loved our dinner and had a great night!  I think Capital Grille may be one of my favorites.
 On Sunday our church had a special event called "The Church Has Left The Building".  There were ten different service type projects that church members could participate in within our community.  Baylor and Cooper went to the food pantry with Tom.  They mopped the floors, cleaned shelves, cleaned the freezers and refrigerators, sorted food, made birthday bags, and more.
The boys did a great job and really enjoyed working at the food pantry.  They always love going with Mimi so this was a special treat for them.  The boys had practice later in the day for baseball and Daddy took all three to the ball fields to play while I rested.  They had a great Sunday!

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