Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Baylor Pitching

 Tonight Baylor had a game and Cooper had practice, both at 6:00.  Pop was able to come and stay with Coop at practice and Daddy took Baylor to the game.  We found out the night before that Baylor would be pitching this game so I really wanted to go and watch.
 Since I still can't drive and it's way too hot and early for Sawyer to be at a ball game I didn't think it was going to work, but once again Mimi came to the rescue.  Miss Sarah stayed with Parker and Mimi drove me to the game and Sawyer went too.  Mimi parked in the shade under a tree and stayed in the car with Sawyer so I could go watch Baylor.
 I didn't tell him I was coming in case it didn't work out and he was all smiles when he saw me.
 In his league the kids only pitch the first ininng.  We were in the field first so Baylor pitched to start the game.
 I could tell he was nervous, but he did a great job.
 He's really been practicing hard.  The most important thing though is that he loves it and has fun playing too!

 He looks so cute out there.
 Our little lefty.
 I stayed to watch him hit once too.  He had a great hit.
 Go #10!
 On deck.
 Ready to hit, it was a great hit right down center field.
And he's off!  I was so happy I was able to go watch even if it was for one inning.  His team won again tonight.  

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