Thursday, August 23, 2012

Meeting Mama and Papa

 On Thursday Sawyer had to go back to the hospital to get his blood tested again to check his bilirubin levels.  Pop took the day off work to watch the littles and Mimi drove us to the hospital.  Today was Tom's first day back to work :(, I was so sad.  Thankfully his numbers came back and were lower than Tuesday so we don't have to test again!
 After the hospital we went to Mama and Papa's house so they could meet Sawyer for the first time.
 We had a nice visit and it was fun to show off our little guy to them.
 Mama was sweet singing to him.
Mimi and Mama with Sawyer.

I feel so lucky that my boys have the opportunity to meet Mama and Papa.  I feel so blessed to still have three grandparents living, they are so special to me.

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Diane Freestone said...

Love that Mama was singing to Sawyer!! How special that was!