Sunday, August 19, 2012

Red Sox Games on August 19

When Baylor came to the hospital and found out Daddy would not be at the game on Sunday the tears started to fall.  He was really emotional while we were at the hospital and cried to stay with us.  I think he had the hardest time with us being gone.  Daddy really wanted to try to make it to his game.  We ended up getting released on time and Daddy surprised him.
He was thrilled.  He played catcher most of the game.

He loves playing catcher.
On base!
Go Baylor...
He's pretty fast.
Love how this is blurry.
Waiting and watching.
Face of determination.

Coop had a game too!  Pop and Pappaw were also there to cheer him on.  Mimi stayed with me and Sawyer.

Coop is loving baseball and doing great.

Up at bat.

He swings.
Love his faces when he runs.
He's so determined too.
Go Coop!
Almost home.

He's ready.
Another hit.
He is doing great and doesn't have to use the T.
More running.

Getting on base.
Both boys had great games and were happy to have Daddy there.  When they got home they were so excited Sawyer was home too!

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