Friday, August 26, 2011

Swimming and Symphony on the Prairie

This morning I went to turbokick and then to Target. Afterwards we came to swim at Mama's. Parker had fun playing peek a boo with Mama before we ate our lunch.
We bought new pool squirters at the Target clearance section that were a big hit.

Cooper was really good at squirting. He liked to squirt it up in the air and watch it rain.

The sky was so pretty today and it was lovely outside.

These two play really well together right now. It's nice to have time without fighting.

He kept wanting me to squirt him and he would try to duck under the water just in time.

We brought lunchables to the pool and ate outside. Cooper shared his cookies with Mama.

He loves Mama.

We had to wash off the stroller with the hose because Oreos were smashed all over and they both wanted to hold the hose. Parker is strong I tell ya.

Popsicle time.

Tonight Tom and I went to Symphony on the Prairie to see Leann Womack. It was a beautiful night and the concert was really good. It wasn't crowded either which made it really nice when it was over.

Her concert was really fun.

We always have fun together. This was on our summer list and we are down to only two items left. Hooray for a great summer and fun times with our family!!!

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