Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Day of First Grade

It's official Baylor is a first grader.
Tom and I took him to school this morning.

He was excited for his first day.

Hard to believe he's a first grader already.

His backpack and lunchbox were ready to go. He's decided he wants to take his lunch everyday. We'll see if that continues all year or not.

Looking handsome.

One more with his I'm a first grader sign.

We love you Baylor and are so proud of you. We are praying that you have a great year, make lots of friends, and love learning new things.

I had my neighbor make some back to school cookies for Baylor and his teacher and he took a few bites of this one with breakfast. First Grade does Rock! He also had watermelon, a banana, and NutriGrain bar.

He opened his back to school presents before we left. He got some Level 1 I Can Books.

The wrapping paper said Happy Birthday but we pretended it said Happy First Day of School and we sang the song.

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The Gambrel Family said...

What a wonderful morning, you make everything so special for the boys. We hope Baylor has a great year in 1st grade!