Friday, August 19, 2011

Animals and Water

Today the little boys and I went with Mimi to Conner Prairie. We met Jenny and Ethan there too. We weren't sure if the rain would hold off, but it ended up being the perfect weather. It was cloudy and a little bit cooler and was not crowded at all. We checked out the pigs, chickens, and oxen at the inn.
We love being outside.

We really wanted to get back to the Splash Park before it closed for the season. It was all working today and was so much fun. We were the only people there and the three boys had the best time. We did miss Baylor :(.

Parker had fun in the water.

He also liked climbing in the steam ship.

Ethan spent lots of time at the water table.

Parker trying the cannons.

The little guy loves water.

Mimi and Coop had a water cannon fight. Mimi tried to stay out of the line of fire or water.

I can't believe these two little guys will be 2 soon. Ethan's birthday is in September.

Cooper had a blast.

We also had the inside part to ourselves and they played trains, dress up, and climbed in the fort. I followed the littles up in the fort, there were some tight corners.

When we first got there we headed straight to the barn. Parker was calling all the animals dogs and was so excited. He is not afraid at all.

He always says "Ride like the wind Bullseye".

There were lots of goats inside the barn and this big goat was in the pasture and wanted in too. She was able to unlock the gate but couldn't get the chain. They let her in too and she was happy.

Parker really liked the baby goats.

Brushing the goats.

Parker loved the donkey. The donkey was done being bothered and he went over to his pen, opened the lock, pushed open the gate, and put himself back inside. When he went back in the pen all the goats ran outside because he is the one in charge. He protects the animals at night from coyotes.

He's super sweet though!

Quack Quack!

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