Thursday, August 11, 2011

Insta Evening

Last night was a little rough around here. I've been pretty much handling things here alone this week which makes for long nights. Baylor has loved school but has been super tired, crabby, and emotional when he gets home. It is so not like him, but I know he's really exhausted after all day school. After dinner we went outside to play which always makes things better. Our neighbor leaves for college this weekend and she brought Destiny over to visit the boys. They love to hold her leash and play with her.
Parker has gotten good at driving.

He did a little bike riding.

We also used our silly string which was a hit.

Too bad it's gone so soon.

Those few sprays were worth it though.

After shower Baylor did a little modeling. His hair is so long he likes to put in my clip. Too funny. We are really looking forward to a weekend with Daddy and lots of family time!

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