Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Playing Outside

Baylor made us promise we wouldn't go anywhere without him on the first day of school, so we played at home outside all day long. It was a really nice day outside and was a little cooler. Jen and Ethan came over for the day to play outside. The three little boys played so well together.
We ordered Mama Nita's for lunch and ate outside. Ethan loved the pizza and ate like a champ.

Cooper was the DD since Baylor wasn't there and the little boys loved going on rides with him. They may have thrown a fit if it wasn't their turn to get to ride.

Parker tried to drive but he wasn't able to reach the pedal.

After lunch we had popsicles and cookies.

Cooper and Ethan are less than two years apart and Parker and Ethan are just three months apart.

They did find a way to all ride in the truck. Good times!

Cute cousins.

Somehow Cooper got his shirt all wet and then went around shirtless. His John Deere hat completed the look.

I had joy jammers tryouts tonight and it was a great group of kids. It's going to be another fun year. Afterwards Mimi and Pop came over to see the boys and give Baylor a little Back to School gift. He was so excited.

He had a great first day and he said the playground was awesome, it's all about priorities.

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d_freestone said...

So glad to hear he had a great day and glad to hear that YOU made it through the day! :-)