Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Joy Jammers

This is my second year helping lead Joy Jammers and I love it.

Molly, me, Shelly, and Becky are four of the leaders. We had four other high school girls who had already left for leadership when we took this picture. I always sing in first service for joyland and get to be in Baylor's groups. It's such a fun ministry and involves so many things I love worhsip, dancing, kids, fun people. My mom kids that it's kind of like cheerleading, really we should always be cheering for Jesus so it fits.
We got one of our new shirts last night and the kids loved them.

They all hurried and put them on right away.

The boys said it was like Colts blue.

We have a huge group of kids that tired out this year.

There are close to 40 4th and 5th graders that participate as joy jammers. Since there is a big group this year they are broken down into three teams. The first service group sings every week and then the second service group rotates Sundays.

We have some great boys this year which is so exciting.

I love going each Wednesday night to practice and then singing on Sunday.

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