Friday, August 26, 2011

Insta Friday

I'm linking up for Insta Friday again for the second week. Here's a peek at our week from my phone.

life rearranged

We took Maddy to school two days this week and the boys loved having her in the morning.
The boys were finishing breakfast when she got here and then they played for a little bit. They love Maddy.

One of my new favorite things.

Bedtime boot camp started this week. We are in the countdown for our Vegas trip so he had to stop sleeping with me. This week we tried his own bed but he climbed out and threw up from crying so he slept with Tom and I slept with Cooper. I've been missing him at night so Tom will text me a picture of him when he's asleep.

It's basket time again. We worked again on Thursday and got 20 more done.

He only likes the cream.

Waiting for Bubby with his pals, Grover and Mickey.

He was proud of his stamp from gymnastics.

It's a good day at Chick Fil A.

I asked for a pic of my little guy and he sent me this.

I love him!

Yeah for the zoo.

He loves Mickey.

Cartoon time before bed.

He looks a little mad.

Bubby's home.

A great week of riding the bus home.

We all like to snuggle during cartoons before bed.

Parker and his friends.

Baylor's first spelling test. I asked him what he got on it and he said I don't know there's a letter but I'm not sure what it means.

On Monday there were baby birds in the bird house. We loved watching them. When we went swimming on Friday they were gone. Fly safely sweet baby birds.

We went swimming twice this week. On Monday we had Taco Bell and on Friday we brought lunchables.

Love this noisy boy of mine.

The first night without Mom was rough but he's been fine since.

Parker loves to listen to music in the car.

One day this week he woke up from his nap and was still sleepy. He came downstairs and fell asleep in the chair and slept for another hour.


The Gambrel Family said...

My sister is obsessed with Sabra, I have been meaning to try it!

Looks like a great week!

Hershey's Moma {amy} said...

Yeah for Insta Friday it's my second week too. :) Cute pictures. Love that he only likes the cream... we have one that does that!

jhoward_120509 said...

stopped over from Life Rearranged, and had to tell you that your boys are adorable!!

Hummus yummm. that is by far the best kind I've had.

-Jessica Howard