Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cumberland Goes to Arts and Geist

On Saturday we woke up and headed to Panera your a yummy breakfast. We then went to the Cumberland Goes to Art festival hosted by the church where Cooper goes to preschool. The boys had fun walking around. Parker was there too, but he was in the stroller playing with his Mickey and a balloon.
We loved the Farmer's market and got green beans, tomatoes, peaches, and a cantaloupe. It all looked so good.

Coop was happy to see Mrs. Steele, preschool starts soon.

They played some games and the boys both won blue whistles.

Afterwards we came home and then headed to Geist to go boating. Since we were going during nap time, Parker stayed with Miss Sarah. He was worn out and took a three hour nap.

It was a little cloudy but we had a great time and enjoyed our big boys. They both had fun surfing and Baylor even got up on the wake board.

They have loved being on the boat this summer. I must say we are all going to be sad when cooler temps come and our boating fun comes to an end for the year.

Of course there is always time for a little snacking on the boat.

A great place for a snack break.

What a fun time together.

He always asks when we are going to go boating again. He has a great time.

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