Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daddy Day

On Tuesday morning we dropped Baylor off at school and then headed to church for a Mops steering meeting. After the meeting we drove to Tom's office and then went to eat with him at Don Pablo's. The little boys were so excited to see Daddy. Tom said it was weird without Baylor. I keep saying that over and over.
We all enjoyed our lunch and loved spending time with Daddy. We are all super excited that he is home all week!!!!
After lunch we headed to the mall to get a few baby gifts, birthday gifts, and look for any other sales.

I made a new recipe for dinner called King's Ranch Chicken. It reminded us of Mexican lasagna. It was good, but probably not a family favorite. I ended up making mummy dogs and mac n cheese for the boys at the last minute because I knew they weren't going to like the new dish. We didn't get to play outside since it stormed, but we were thankful for the rain and had fun playing together inside. We love spending time together as a family.

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