Saturday, August 13, 2011

Broadripple and Dive In

On Saturday morning we had a big breakfast at home and then got a few things done around the house before heading out for the day. We ended up eating lunch at The 3 Wisemen in Broadripple. I have been wanting to go there since my bestie said it was fun.
The mason jars, Ipad at the tables, and popcorn were a big hit with our group.

Coop was worn out from his camp out and early morning that he fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep until the food came. His Daddy loved on him and held him.

Parker is attached to his Mickey right now and wants to take him everywhere. He fed him popcorn at the table.

Coop woke up and enjoyed his ham sandwich and popcorn. Afterwards we walked around Broadripple and enjoyed the beautiful weather. Our great day ended on a bad note when we took Baylor for a trim at Great Clips. We even debated going there because we weren't sure how they would do but we just wanted his bangs trimmed and figured that would be easy. Well the lady ended up chopping his hair and he was so upset. He was crying, I felt bad, and Tom felt horrible. He loved his hair long and we had to talk him into the trim but promised him it would only be a little and we both felt like we let him down. It was definitely a bad hair experience. It is uneven in spots but more than anything it's way shorter than he wanted. Thankfully it will grow quickly.

On Saturday night we headed to the Shelbyville Pool for the Dive In movie. They were playing MegaMind and you could swim before the movie started at dark. A drive in was on our summer list but we have had a hard time finding a movie that was appropriate for the boys that worked with our schedule. We thought this would work great.

We got there right when the gates opened and they had a great time swimming. They loved going on the diving board and slide. Baylor did some great dives.

It was a little chilly but they didn't seem to mind at all.


We had a great time at the pool and it was fun to go before it closes this weekend for the season. I'm still having a hard time believing summer is over, it really went by way too quickly!

We sure did enjoy it this year.

The boys did one more jump off the board and went down the slide and then the whistle blew. We thought it meant the movie was starting but instead it was a lightning warning and we had to clear the pool. The movie ended up being cancelled because of inclement weather, which ended up being severe in areas.

Since our drive in or dive in movie was a no go we made our own drive in movie fun. We stopped at Wendy's for a late late dinner and sat in the parking lot and watched our new Yogi Bear movie in the car. We opened the windows and turned up the volume until the rain came.

Baylor had picked out the movie at Target after the hair cutting incident and I basically let him get what ever he wanted while we were there because I felt bad. It ended up being great that we had it in the car.

We all enjoyed the Yogi Bear movie.

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