Tuesday, August 16, 2011

$2 Tuesday at the State Fair

It was $2 Tuesday at the Indiana State Fair again so we decided to go again this week. We didn't tell Baylor we were going and thankfully the little boys didn't say much when we picked him up from school. It was such a beautiful day and not too hot, perfect fair weather.
We went in different buildings this week, there is so much to see at the fair. There were huge legos displays. This is Lucas Oil Stadium, it was amazing.

Coop liked the display of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was awesome.
One good egg.

A little SpongeBob.

He wanted to be the farmer but couldn't reach so he was the little girl:).

He did the soybean game and got to color a hat.

The pumpkins were huge and some were carved.

They loved to watch the trains.

He said choo choo a million times.

We rode the tractor all around the fair for a long ride. The man working the tractor let Coop use the intercom at every stop and tell the driver clear. He was thrilled.

He loves tractors.

The Clydesdale horses were there and were getting all ready for the cart show. They are such pretty horses and enormous too!

Coop loved to watch.

He got to pet Boomer.

Our last stop was the rides. Coop couldn't wait to go on the race cars. He was excited he could go all by himself.

At this point he okay in his stroller but he wanted out.

We rode the roller coaster.

Beep beep!

Driving buddies.

The three of us went on the buzzy bees.

Can you tell he loved the hot air balloons.

A little fishing.

Looking cool on the motorcycles.

Another drive together.

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