Saturday, April 4, 2009


Matching fiesta shirts all day, what a great day!
Mimi and Baylor on the trails.
Hanging out in the golf cart with Pop. He likes to put the ball in the back basket and then have Pop get it for him.

We enjoyed the sun today and spent most of the day outside playing. Baylor loves to be outside and enjoys spending time with his dad. Tonight Mimi and Pop came over for dinner on the golf cart. The boys were able to go for a ride and then play with Mimi and Pop outside before they left. Cooper was calling the moon a ball while they were on the golf cart. I think he wanted someone to get it for him to play with. Mimi and Baylor went in the woods and found a special Indian trail, according to Mimi. He loves to go in the woods, it really is a wonderland for a little boy. They both had a great day and love spending time outside.

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