Thursday, April 23, 2009

MOPS Playdate

Lots of rocks to gather.
Drawing and Digging.
Hi Choo Choo.
How cute!
We loved this scooter. Thanks Daxton for letting us use it.
A picnic, what fun.

He thinks he is too big for the baby area.
Three caged little animals.

They were pretending they were riding on a train.
Go car.

Today we met some MOPS friends at church for a play date. We started out in the playland and then headed out to the back parking lot. The kids had fun playing together. I know Cooper thought he was a big deal. There is lots of space to ride bikes, trikes, scooters, cars, etc. in the back. The highlight was the train coming by twice. All the kids were waving and screaming "choo choo". Lucky for Coop he can say choo choo too. We had a great time and enjoyed the sun. We are hoping it stays around along with warmer temperatures.

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