Monday, April 13, 2009

Swimming and Singing

He was having a great time.

He loves to be noisy.
He is on the end by the teacher, this is before the tears started.
Using the kickboard, feeling more comfortable.

After dropping off Baylor at preschool Cooper and I hit the after Easter sales. Who doesn't love to see 50% off signs. We went to Target and Walmart in the torrential rain and still had 45 minutes before time to get brother. We decided to go visit Mama and Papa. Cooper had a great time singing and playing the piano with Mama. I think he enjoyed being the center of attention at their house. When we picked Baylor up we headed to his first swimming lesson at the YMCA by Tom's work. He was nervous about going and wanted to know who was going to be in his class. He went in without any problem but started to get teary eyed when they got in the water and I could tell he was going to cry. His teacher, Miss Wendy, was so nice to him and kept telling him he didn't have to do anything he was afraid of in the water. I knew he was not afraid but could not figure out what was wrong from behind the glass while chasing Cooper. I knew he could do all they were working on in the class. He was acting so shy, totally not Baylor. As soon as class was over he ran to me and told me his bubble belt was too tight and was hurting him and that was why he was crying. I told him he had to tell the teacher and he said he would next time. Hopefully next Monday the belt will be under control.

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