Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chocolate Lover

More is his favorite word. He says it in a deep voice too!

I am happy!
Look at all the chocolate on those pants. Thank goodness for spray n wash!

Coop is really a chocolate lover. Since his slow start on food he is now begging for anything he sees or whenever someone is eating. Truly it is like he feels he has missed out for too long and now he wants to taste it all. On the way home from our shopping trip Baylor was having a piece of gum and Cooper wanted something. Mimi had bought Hershey kisses and he had two in the car. Let's just say he was a total mess, but boy did he enjoy the yummy chocolate.

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megan elizabeth said...

So adorable! I love chocolate too-and there is alot to go around near Easter. I miss you all!