Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Happenings

This morning we got ready and went to church. Cooper went to the nursery again today and had a great time playing. He didn't want to leave when I went to pick him up. They said he was taking care of the other kids. When a baby cries he is always concerned and tries to help. He does the same thing when his brother is upset, even if he is the cause of the crying. After church we went to Cafe 52 with Mimi and Pop. Baylor loves to eat there every Sunday and if we don't go it just isn't the same. When we got home Baylor and Daddy got changed and headed out to the garage. It rained off and on but they were able to work on the riding lawn mower, the power washer, and the blower with Pappaw. It was a perfect day for Baylor. Dirt, Tools, Fixing Things, and Being Outside what could be better.

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