Saturday, April 25, 2009


Go Baylor and Maddy!
Baylor is #1 on the tan team.
After the game he opted to ride in the stroller, he was so tired.
Snacking from the sidelines.
Way to go coach.

They did a great job.

Pop and Coop
Baylor and his fan club after the game.

The weather was perfect for a soccer game today. Tom had to coach alone today since Austin was on a fishing trip and he was ready for a great game. At game time we only had four players, but they were ready to go. The players had to play the entire game, a whole hour. Let's just say they were tired out! They did do a great job and made huge improvements from last week. They stayed with the ball the entire time and even ran towards the right goal. Baylor even scored a goal, he was so proud. His smile was priceless. The players were so tired and red faced by the end of the game and they were all saying they were thirsty. Hopefully we will have a full team for the next game.

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megan elizabeth said...

Yay Baylor! That's so awesome!