Thursday, April 2, 2009


He loves to be outside.
We were filling our wagon with sticks. We have tons in the backyard.
The Gator is charged and ready.

How does he make this go?
Going for a ride.

When ever we talk about going outside Cooper runs to the door leading to the garage and says a word that sounds like "side" followed by his southern accent "bye". He says "bye" over and over again for emphasis and it gets more of a drawl as he continues. Seriously when we left the pigs today he said "bye" to them all the way to Greenwood and kept asking with his hands where they were. Mimi and I kept telling him they were gone and they were at the farm. After about twelve times Baylor became frustrated and said Coop the pigs are gone. It was a Jerry Maguire moment, made me think of when the little boy kept saying he wanted to go to the zoo. They once again had a great time playing outside. They both are unhappy when it is time to go in the house. Mimi and Pop came over on the golf cart tonight and they all went for a ride. Oh what fun!

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