Saturday, January 4, 2014

Punish the Pelicans

Today was the first Blaze practice of the season.  Coop was so excited.  He is playing up and has second graders on his team, but he doesn't mind.  Tom is coaching and they are both excited for a great season.
We had bought tickets to family night at the Pacers game through school.  Baylor had Blaze practice so Tom and Baylor met us and Coop and I went early.  He carried Baylor's sign before Baylor got there.  He was excited for the game!

Baylor loves baseball and was excited for his first Blaze practice.  He was sad to miss the first half of the game but they got there right at half time so it worked out.

Our seats were hight, but they didn't care.

I enjoyed my one on one time with Coop.  He is fun to hang with!

A snow cone after dinner.
We were happy to see them!

Go Pacers!

My Pacers fans.

After the game the kids got to go on the court and shoot.  They were excited.  These are some friends from baseball.
Coop's turn.
Baylor's turn.

He works hard on his sign.

These boys love their Daddy!

And the Pacers Win!  Great night together before the big snow storm hits tomorrow.

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