Sunday, January 5, 2014

Snow Day

It snowed all day!  It was so pretty to watch it fall and the flakes were huge.  Over the course of the day we got 10-12 inches of snow.  The weather wasn't too cold so the boys loved playing outside.  They went out three different times and had the best day.

It was perfect snowman snow so up first build a snowman together.

They were so excited.
The finished snowman.

They love having Daddy home on a snow day!
They rode around the yard with Dad.

Hurray for snow days!

They loved sledding down the hill in the backyard.
Sledding fun!
They were laughing and giggling.

Bax the snow dog was running around in the falling flakes like crazy.  He loved being out with his boys.

During the littles nap Tom went out and snowplowed again and the big boys built more snowmen.

This guy is in the backyard.
They had a big snowball fight.  Perfect snowball snow.

Having fun.

Daddy did the driveway three times.

A winter wonderland.

Sawyer normally pester Bax, but today he was happy for his attention.

The boys wanted a snow fort so Daddy used the snow blower to pile snow in the back yard and then shoveled it out.

Hard at work.

They were so excited!

The Hurst Snow Fort.

Room for two.

Inside their fort.

I had to drag them inside.

They had the best day!

While I made dinner they begged to go out one more time.

Baylor used the last rays of sunlight to make one more snowman!

Such a fun snow day!

Thankful they enjoyed today before the frigid temps move in later tonight.

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