Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another Snowy Day

Park had preschool this morning and we spent the time cleaning up at home.  We had planned to go to Conner Prairie but then the snow ended up being more than expected and the roads were bad!

We decided to stay close and had lunch with Mimi at El Jaripeo and then headed to the library to check out books and play.

We were the only people there and they had the best time.

Park was busy building and playing the whole time.
Reading some books.
He thought he was big stuff sitting at the table and kept wanting to get off and back on the seat over and over.

Picked these special books out for Coop.

Computer time.

After the library we headed to church to burn off some more energy in the play land.  The boys love to go there but I prefer it when it's not crowded and crazy.  Today it was perfect and we were the only ones there the whole time.

I got in on the fun and crawled around with the boys too.  Sawyer loved going down the slide with me.  He was giggling and smiling the entire time.

He thinks he's big stuff.

Park had the best time.

I love getting to be their mom.
He was so proud on the slide and kept clapping for himself.  Mimi was cheering for him.  

Sawyer soaked himself in the water fountain so he had to change when we got home.  Within minutes this was him.  He totally wore himself out!

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