Saturday, February 21, 2009


Can I fix it, yes I can!

There's work to be done.

A true builder never leaves behind his tool belt.
Picking the perfect tool.

My brother is so nice to let me share his tools. ( If he only knew I was playing in this box while he was taking a nap.)

Ryan let Baylor try out his paint brushes.

We are officially at the end of our home improvement repair stint at our house. The painter finished painting today and it all looks great. Seriously this has been a long process with the washer going out the first week in January. While it took longer than expected we are so happy with the outcome. The boys have been busy honing their carpentry skills and they are not ready to be done with home repairs. Baylor has worn his tool belt all day and worked on everything from the bed to the fireplace. I am hoping that they learn to be quite handy so they can do work for me as they grow.

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