Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bravo for Friends

She is such a doll! Baylor was sharing his dogs with her, too bad he doesn't want to share these "special" dogs with Cooper.
Mr. Blue Eyes loves to eat Bravo's bread.

Nicole was showing Baylor all the pictures of the baby. He was asking what was in each picture. They had so many and they were so clear. We can't wait to meet the little prince.
They were ready for ice cream.

Cooper kept hugging Gabrielle and she kept trying to give him a kiss. They both called each other baby, how cute.

We love eating at Bravo and spending time with friends. Tonight we were able to do both. Luckily we made reservations and were able to sit down right away. We went with the Schultz family and the Brown family. Both families are expecting new babies this summer. We are so excited for both of them. Carl and Nicole found out this week they are having a baby boy!!! We are so excited that our boys will be close in age to their little boy. How fun. Nicole and Carl are going to be awesome parents, both of are boys love them so. It was fun talking to everyone and the kids all had a great time. Baylor loved Gabrielle and wanted to sit and play next to her. We sat in the corner so the kids were able to get down and play when we were done eating. Gabrielle talks so much and is even already going on the potty. She is only one week older than Cooper. I told her to tell him all about the potty. Too funny! We feel so blessed to have great friends.

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