Monday, February 2, 2009

Ball Boys

Last night during the Super Bowl (Go Steelers) Baylor and Cooper had fun playing their own type of ball game. First they were just kicking the new green ball around the room and after a little bit they added a new dimension to the game. Baylor got a spatula from the play kitchen and Coop picked out the play frying pan. They were then hitting the ball around the room and chasing after it. They both had so much fun. Coop was at a disadvantage due to his speed and lack of aggression but he did not seem to mind. We finally had to cut off the game because it was hard to hear and Daddy didn't want to miss the big game. Before the game we picked which team would win. Daddy wanted the Cardinals because he hates the Steelers. I wanted the Steelers because I have always been a fan of big Ben. It really is all about the quarterback, right? Baylor picked the Cardinals because he liked their uniforms the best and I couldn't really tell which team Cooper preferred when we were trying to get him to decide. It was a fun night watching the big game.

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