Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Treasures of the Earth and Rainbow Cupcakes

The boys had another great day at VBS. The theme is being a hero in your own community and today was red day and they were visited by the Fire Department. The kids got to go on the fire trucks and hear from a fireman. They had a great time. Afterwards we headed to the museum to check out the new National Geographic Treasure of the Earth Exhibit. It did not disappoint.
The exhibit looks at three different "treasures" a sunken ship, Chinese warrior statues, and a mummy's tomb. The exhibit is so much fun and we spent so much time there.

The boys loved suiting up in scuba gear to check out the shipwreck and find the clues to determine if it was Captain Kidd's ship. An actual cannon from the ship is being restored and on display. It is so much fun.

He loved it!

A scientist from Indiana University was actually the one who discovered the sunken ship.

There was a fun area where you had to repair broken pieced of coral from a reef too. It was neat.

You have to help dig for the Chinese warriors. They loved this spot. Right after I took this picture Parker tripped and fell on his knee. He really cried and was having trouble putting weight on it, I was actually really worried about him. We took him out and had him walk and after he settled down he was fine. I was so thankful!

The mummy area was so neat. There were lots of computer games and things to check out. The only problem was it was super crowded today. When we go back during the year I know we will spend lots of time here, the only sad part is Baylor will be in school all day.

There is a tunnel you crawl in and help repair the walls and remove the rocks to get to the mummy. I crawled in

behind Park and let me tell you it was tight quarters.

We also went to the Trains, Dinosphere, and Science Works. They love playing the match game in Dinosphere.

We did more digging to end on a happy note.

Three little dinosaurs sitting on a nest.

Tonight we checked off another item on our summer list. We made rainbow cupcakes. We made dinner and then made our cupcakes. We baked them while we played outside and let them cool so we could ice them and eat them before shower time. The boys were so excited to help. I really let them do everything. Cooper was in charge of putting in all the liners.

Baylor cracked the eggs and was in charge of the mixer and both boys helped add the ingredients.

I let them add the colored batter so our rainbows weren't perfect but they didn't care.

They were so excited.

After playing outside we iced and sprinkled the cupcakes. The boys played with our neighbor's dog outside and then delivered Morgan some cupcakes as a thank you. They want a dog so badly!

They were quite tasty and so fun to eat.

Mimi and Pop stopped by and they were able to have one too. What a fun night.

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