Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Favorites

Here are some of my favorite things as of late. I just added the instagram app to my phone and I am in love. You can change your pictures and make them look old, black and white, distressed. It is so fun and neat to see how it change the whole feel. The boys love Destiny the dog who lives next door. They are all crazy about her.
I'm crazy about him...

and him....

and him.

My next new favorite is Pinterest. Several blogs I read have posted about this site and app and I have loved looking at it. I just recently added it to my phone and have used it more since then. You can basically find pictures and information about anything you can imagine. When we do get a dog when Baylor is 11:) I want a Labradoodle. Baylor likes for me to show him pictures or videos of dogs. How cute is this pup!

Of course I'm always looking at beach pictures, but this beach is too crowded for my taste.

I also read lots of blogs about Africa adoptions and love to look at scenery pictures of Africa. How gorgeous is this?

The boys want an ocean birthday this year so I have found some really cute ideas. I love planning their birthday.

How cute to give all your party guests a shark fin when they arrive. Cooper would so love this!

I love all the touches.

I found some cute plates and napkins on clearance at Target and they are in these colors.

Happy to see you, Clam on in. I love it.

My final new thing is I have a Twitter account. I am not a fan of facebook or do I ever want an account, but I do like the coupons and special perks you can get so I got a Twitter account. You can bet I won't be tweeting all the details of my life and giving play by play accounts of the day, but I will be looking for a bargain or a special coupon. I do like to read some tweets though, some people truly share it all!


Emily said...

We were at Michael's over the weekend and saw a "pin the fin on the shark" game. I wish I had remembered you are doing an ocean theme for the boys' birthday party.

Brown Family said...

You forgot one very important detail, your twitter name (or acct) so we can follow you. I'm a Twitter nerd too but I do it and follow Beth Moore, Max Lucado, etc, some very brilliant minds with great quotes and advice.